Biennale Democrazia is a cultural event promoted by the City of Torino, under the aegis of the President of the Republic of Italy. March 2015 marked its fourth edition. The aim of this initiative is to create and spread a culture of democracy, which can be developed and put into practice. It is an ongoing public workshop focused on the local context, while at the same time issues on a broader scale are also addressed.

Biennale Democrazia encourages dialogue and is open to all, with a special welcome for young people. The project is divided into a series of preparatory steps and intermediary stages (workshops for schools, initiatives for young people, discussion sessions and other events) that culminate, every two years, in five days of public events that feature speeches, debates, readings, international forums, seminars and entertainment. All for a more thorough understanding of current issues, and proposals for the involvement of people at the local level.



Following the success of the first edition (April 22-26, 2009), which opened with a lecture by the President of Italy, Giorgio Napolitano, at Torino’s Teatro Regio:

  • The second edition (April 13-17, 2011) had for its theme Everyone. Many. Few. – a reflection on the relationship between democracy and oligarchy.
  • The third edition (April 10-14, 2013) focused on the theme Utopia. Is It Possible? – an overview of utopic visions today.
  • The fourth edition (March 25-29, 2015), entitled Passages, took a look at the great transformations that change the conditions of life and coexistence.

The last edition of Biennale Democrazia counted about 100 events, including lectures, discussions, debates, meetings, readings and workshops, for a total of over 200 hours of involvement at 8 different venues.



The success of Biennale Democrazia is based on the work of a network of more than 70 institutions, organizations and associations. This promotes the circulation of a wide range of ideas, suggestions and proposals, and encourages the active participation of citizens in forging them. An average of 40,000 people participate in each edition – many of them young people and students, through their involvement in training programs offered in 70 schools across the region of Piemonte and elsewhere in Italy. The Biennale Democrazia Campus hosts 200 young people each session – an incredible and unique experience for all.