Biennale Democrazia will be back next spring in its fifth edition with lots of exciting additions. The organising committee is currently building an event programme that will analyse the challenges and innovations that influence the ways that we come together as a community on a day to day basis.

Citizens and Associations take a central role

Citizens and Associations are always valued partners of Biennale Democrazia but this year they will play a vital role in shaping the events. A series of initiatives will be actively devoted to community involvement, responding to the needs to create debate and discussions that are not always given an adequate space in the public environment. Aside from lectures, debates and meetings, the fifth Biennale Democrazia will also host shows, concerts, performances and entertainment opportunities for audience participation.

Special attention will also be given to students of universities and high schools through introductory meetings and events, and the organisers of Biennale Democrazia have curated educational initiatives for students attending high school that will take place in the autumn. More than 70 high school classes in Turin and many more across the country are invited to take part in challenging but informative classes that will encourage and guide their personal development.

A new look

As you may have noticed, the website has been redesigned to be more attractive and user-friendly, and it now also includes pages in English in response to the need for accessible information for all. We invite you to visit the multimedia archive on the website where you will find 200+ hours of lectures, speeches, debates and readings from the last four editions of Biennale.

Continue to follow us on the website, Facebook and Twitter. See you at Biennale Democrazia!