The next edition of Biennale Democrazia will run from 29th March to 2nd April 2017 in Turin. This will be the fifth edition dedicated to a theme with multiple hints such as Emergency Exits. We spent some time thinking about it because our aim is to focus not only on the remarkable emergencies we are living in the recent years, but also because these times are distinguished by new way of living as well. We mean, for instance, the way tecnologies have changed our social and economic behavior or the new form of religiousness and even the new opportunities that can come together with the crisis.

Although Biennale Democrazia takes place in Italy, all these topics have an international relevance: this not an entirely innovation as Biennale Democrazia always hosted international guests in the past editions, but this year we chose to pay more attention to our foreign audience, starting from creating an English section in our new website. Inside Waiting for BD you can easily find information and news about the event.

Above all, Biennale Democrazia is an international place where you can attend lectures and panels with philosophers, political scientists, jurists, economists, thinkers and key players of the main facts that happen nowadays. On Wedsnesday 29th March at 6 pm, the Teatro Regio will host our opening keynote with Emma Bonino, former Italian Foreign Minister and former member of European Parliament as well as leading member of the Italian Radical Party, together with Lucio Caracciolo, founder and editor-in-chief of the montlhy magazine Limes and one of the main Italian geopolitics experts. They will talk about a hot topic such as “Europe and immigration politics”.

Moreover, looking to engage better a foreign audience, we are planning for the 2017 edition to have at least a ten of panels with international guests and three with only English speakers. Our aim is indeed to boost the participation of an international audience: that’s why we are also considering the idea to do our workshops in English too.

If you are interested to give a try of what Biennale Democrazia is, please have a look to our multimedia archive which contains more than 200 hours of lectures, debates and panels, some of them in English.

Last but not least: if you come to Turin, of course, you can’t miss to visit the city and its beautiful surroundings as well as join the lively cultural and night life. To get an idea of what is worth to see and to do, have a look on Turismo Torino, the website of the City where you can discover places to visit and the best offers to do that, and Torino Plus, which gives a particular insight on the city through 13 different itineraries. To know, instead, what is going on in town click on In Piemonte, In Torino where you can find all the exhibitions and events that take place in Turin.